Icey Mod Apk

Icey Mod Apk: Get Yourself with Latest Android Games and Enjoy


If you are looking to get the icey mod apk, then you need to be aware that this is a hack and slash based game developed for the android platform. You can also enjoy playing the game in the IOS platform. If you are a fan of the hack and slash genre, then you cannot simply miss playing this game. The origin of this game can be traced a year back and it was developed for the PC and PlayStation gamers. The game is of a really high tempo and the screen will remain mostly horizontal when you are playing.

icey mod apk

Android release

Right after the release of the game, the game received immense popularity. Support for the game poured in from countries all over the world. Due to positive review of the game in the entire community, it got released for playing in the smart phones too. In the present time, the game has officially been released in the play store for all the Android lovers. If you are interested in playing the game, then the link for downloading it is available easily. As a player in the game you will be able to move with great flexibility and agility.

Download game

The name of the protagonist in the game is actually Icey. Throughout the game you will be following this character in the game and get on with the adventures. She will be exploring the real nature of the world where the game is based. The game has been made in science fiction style and as a player you will be facing a lot of enemies on course of the game. The different enemies actually possess all the weapons based on cutting edge modern technology. You will be able to completely enjoy the game if you get the android version of it.

Playing game

The various bases resent in the game will have different sophisticatedly developed traps. As a player you will be moving around with your character through lands of various terrains and also fight against different enemies. After you have downloaded the icey mod apk, you can straightaway begin to enjoy game play. If you wish to, then you may not follow the various hints, commands that the game provides. You will be able to skip the different missions of the game as well as directions provided by the arrows. The best bit is to be able to skip the battles with the bosses.


The character of icey, will not only help you to perform the various actions, but also provide you with different kinds of feedback as the narrator of the game. The narrator will open the doors which cannot be unlocked by the different players. The narrator will even provide with angry reactions if you keep falling into the many sewers of the game or if you ignore the direction being provided for a very long time. The wrath of the narrator will however not spoil the game play for you.

Happening game

The game as well as Icey is extremely interesting in nature and you will remain hooked to it right till the very end.  The people, who think that the game is quite boring in nature, need to rethink their verdict as the game is extremely exciting. The game is one of the best of its genre. The game makes use of just 2D graphics for android. You will however find that the interface of the game is too good and images have been redesigned here. Hence the very clear as well as detailed graphics will make your combats appear to be quite charming. The player will definitely have a great time playing the game.

Installing the game

To start playing the game, you have to firstly download the APK file that has been provided over the internet. After the download is finished, you will simply have to get it installed. If you have downloaded the APK file from an unknown website, then you will be required to go to your android phone’s setting, open the security option and tick on the box of “unknown sources”. This will ensure that the game gets installed even after being downloaded from websites and not strictly the android play store.

Easy control

The icey mod apk will be making use of the virtual keyboard as well as the joystick of virtual nature. Therefore the gamer will be able to control the character quite easily as well as begin with different skill-based combo attacks. By using these attacks, you will be able to inflict great damage on the enemies and even destroy them. The pace at which the game progresses, is really fast. You will therefore have to press the various keys on the keyboard extremely fast. The enemies will also be appearing before you very rapidly.

Great sounds and graphics

You will rarely find a hack and slash game of 2D type to be more than 1.2 GB in size, this game is really an exception and the size is therefore justified. The entire game plot is quite meticulous in nature along with the voice that the game character will portray. Each time you will be able to hear a different sound whether you hear a whisper like dialogue or complete one level to get into the next. You will be pleasantly surprised by the attention to details provided by the makers of the game.


The game has been made available on most platforms of gaming preferred by people. The degree of smoothness with which the game will be running is dependent on the resolution of your device. Hence it is quite possible for the game to run with one speed on an Apple device and with a different speed on an Android device. You will always have the option of customizing the quality of the displayed images in the game at various levels. The option that you choose will be dependent on the configuration of your device.

Exciting battles

The various battles that you will come across in Icey, are extremely exciting to say the least. All the credit has to go to the properly designed game graphics and amazing animation for drawing the bulk of players. Owing to the brilliant graphics of the game, the characters come alive across the screen even more. . The battle will get fierce with each passing level and the action faster in icey mod apk. The attention to detailing here is quite amazing in nature. The various sounds, as well as background music, heard here is also top class. This particular game has left its peers behind across various gaming platforms. You must never make th mistake of calling this game a boring one.

Playing game

As you begin playing your game, you will find that the Icey character starts by slashing the sword around and you can get a grip on your sword and how you will be moving. The control is so smooth that even making these little moves will tingle your imagination with fantasy. The ability to literally dash forward with your sword over a short distance altogether gives you a great degree of satisfaction. Next up are the combo attacks and you need some time to get used to them. You should never be misjudging the envies thrown out to you in accordance to their sizes.

Great story

After doing your bit of regular hack and slack, you will actually be getting immersed into the world created in the game. The story that you will come across will be on more sophisticated lines than you would have possibly imagined. After the initial tutorial mission has been completed in the icey mod apk, the game menu will be rebooted and you will be asked to start playing the game using a narrator. The narrator will keep the game alive for you, with the occasional quips and urges to help you keep going. Following or not following the advice of the narrator often gives rise to hilarious situations showing you the beauty of the game world.

Strategy used in icey mod apk

The activity called dashing forward is good strategy for staying a little high above the different enemies. You will also be able to counterattack enemies in this manner. If you have dashed forward right at the instant before facing the enemy, then you will not have much time for producing an attack of your own. The dashing move will take some practice and time to master. This combo attack will be something deadly for your arsenal. You simply have to perfect the timing of your attack to finish off enemies in style.

icey mod apk

The icey game will never be the standard or random hack and slash game which the market is strewn with. The storyline is such that you will not be able to get it out of your system for quite some time. Art as well as storytelling have been mixed to great effect here. The unpredictable nature of the game with the great soundtrack makes the icey mod apk, worth a download.