ICEY Apk Download

ICEY Apk Download for Enjoying It on Mobile and Revealing the Truth


Everyone comes across a few excellent games in their life. From graphics to controls everything matters in a game. Every game is distinct, and every individual gamer has a different opinion about games. One thing is certain that the new game ICEY are making waves in the gaming community. Gamers all over the world love what they are experiencing while playing.

icey apk download

Not only on computers but now, one can play this game by having icey apk download. This makes things even better for the gamers as they can enjoy the game even on the go. This game is something different which is why players enjoy it more.

About the Game ICEY

It is a side-scrolling 2D action game. In this action-packed game, one needs to slash and hack and have light role-playing elements. It was published in 2016 for PC by Chinese developer Shanghai FantaBlade. Now this game is also available for Android platform smartphones which helps people to stay connected to the game. Through the narrator’s voice, one sees through the character ICEY’s eyes.

One learns or tries to learn all truth about ICEY’s world. But this not all. It is a meta game which is in disguise, and the narrator constantly tries to move a player in a certain direction. To uncover real truth one needs to go against this tyranny and figure out what is actually going on.

One needs to lose all shackles and let the character play freely in order to achieve the truth. From the beginning, one would feel like this is a simple action game, but every time a player plays this game, he or she will get a clearer picture that how not simple this game is really.

ICEY Apk Download

This game was primarily made for the PC and players could access it through Steam platform. But due to its popularity, it is available on mobile phones too. One can use icey apk download to get the mobile version of the game. This has skyrocketed the game’s popularity among PC and mobile gamers. This online game is what people in the gaming community is talking about nowadays.

The developers are updating the game every day so that it can run smoothly on people’s smartphones. Every bug is fixed to give gamers the experience of a lifetime. This totally different game is built on a concept which shows one to go against the instructions to learn real truth.

This game keeps one on the edge because of all the revelation in the game. One would need an Android platform of 4.1 or more than that to play this game smoothly.

icey apk download

Features of this Game

The elements of this game consist of all the combinations which one can use to destroy the enemies and move forward. The different types of combat skills are used for various enemies which the character faces when playing the game. Such mix and match of combat ability are vital as that is the quick way to defeat enemies without losing much health.

There are mainly three types of combat combinations. They are combat which is fast-paced, then there are combos which are incredible, and the last is to handle all the colossal cyborg bosses which one would encounter while playing the game. Under these, there are specific skills which one can develop while playing it.

All these skills are needed when playing. So one should know this to survive and fight his way through the game. So after getting icey apk download, one should learn well these well. All these skills are discussed below.

Fast Paced Skills for Combat

This is the primary skill which ICEY’s character uses in the game. This ability is the way to crush enemies. The fast attacking speed used by player squishes enemy with the palm. The simple rule of this attack is three things- attack, dodge and counter attack. If one has good control over this, then the player will be able to proceed without much issue.

Remember never to hesitate. If one hesitates during such attack, then there is a massive chance of one dying in the game. To survive one has to follow this throughout the game. In every game, this is applicable the attack, dodge and counter attack theory but in this game, it is harder to survive if one doesn’t master it.

Incredible Combos for Combat

Having specialized skills in a game gives an advantage over the enemies and helps a player to slice them up slash and hack the enemies. But in most games getting incredible combos is hard especially for beginners. This is something which one achieves after learning about a game a lot. But it is different for ICEY players. They can enjoy it easily without having to try very hard for it.

This game has simple controls making it easy to control fights and win against enemies. Simple controls mean it will be quite easy to reach and unleash combos when fighting. Fighting with combos increases the chance of winning for a gamer. When the combos are easy, even the beginners can use it in the different game levels.

Every skill used in the game’s levels is unique and special. The best part of the game is that one can mix the combos and skills and create a fighting style which no other layer possesses. Having a fighting style of their own makes the game much cooler and more enjoyable to play. Even when watching gameplay, one can see new fighting styles.

Handling Colossal Cyborg Bosses

One of the terrifying characters or villains in the game is the colossal cyborg bosses which one comes across in different stages. One would need special attacks and skills to kill these characters. A player cannot simply charge and win head on but find all the weaknesses a boss has and exploit them. It is the easiest way to defeat a boss character.

Onslaught attacks keep coming from the bosses. So one would need to dodge such attacks and hit the boss with counter attacks. Each boss has the power to release different attacks, and one needs to protect themselves from such flurries of attacks. One will understand after having icey apk download and start playing it.

One thing players need to remember is that every boss has a different weakness. It is the players’ duty to exploit that after finding it out. It is the only way to bring a boss down in the game and win that portion. So one needs to learn to control the boss fights.

Game Levels

There are various levels in this game. One has to play a lot of levels to reach the end. So many levels which are long and action-packed makes playing this more interesting. One of the levels which one will come across, in the beginning, is a sewer which wasn’t like this from the beginning. It was turned that way by a character named Judas. With ICEY and her sword, one needs to conquer it all.

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ICEY is set up in a future post-apocalyptic destruction. There are not many inhabitants. Only a few combat robots are the inhabitants of this world. They are in a state which cannot be repaired. In the gameplay, ICEY is in a totalled lab. She awakens from sleep where she finds herself in a capsule. It was the only intact thing in the lab.

The storyline along with the game makes people get icey apk download.

Tutorial to Play The Game

The tutorial is always essential to know the controls and power one has in the game. When a player starts playing it a short demo is given. This demo takes a player across a woodland area. In this area, one would face different enemies along with a boss. One has to fight this boss to learn all the basic mechanics and manoeuvres one would require o perform in the game.

By fighting against the boss Dahal, one learns about the power as well as gets to taste the fun a player would have with ICEY. After finishing the demo, a player is asked about the difficulty level one would like to play. Once that is set appropriately, a player is taken back to the gaming menu. From here a player is allowed to start this game properly.

Final Boss of ICEYs

There is only one true boss in ICEY. This final character is immensely powerful. It makes finishing it much harder. It spawns all kinds of mechs or machines. While trying to beat it one’s screen, starts distorting and then the controller is disconnected. This makes defeating it so hard.

The game is one of the best games that players enjoy so much. Its unique gameplay makes it stand aside than other games which are played by gamers. Unless one takes help or play the game a number of times, one would not know the real truth. To discover this real truth one should get icey apk download and start playing the game as soon as possible.