Want the Best 2D Hack N’ Slash Platformer? Download Icey Apk Today!

When it comes to hacking slash games for phones, there are plenty of options available. But not all of them manage to scratch that God of War itch that most people crave for from these games. One of the best in this genre happens to be ICEY, a 2D hack n’ slash game that has some mixed RPG and platforming elements in it as well.

icey apk

Released in the year of 2016, this game was first launched for Android devices. Later on, it became so popular that there was a port for Windows released as well. If you want to play this game on PC, you will have to do so via Steam. After all, it is arguably the best gaming DRM that currently exists for PC’s. In both platforms however, it is a buy-to-play game, priced very meagrely.

About The Game: Features

As mentioned before, if you want to download icey apk for yourself, you should first know that it is a hack n’ slash game. While most of the games in this genre exist on a 3D plane, ICEY strives to be different and provides the action on a 2D side scrolling one. While many may see this as a limitation, it in fact serves as a positive for the game overall.

Here are some of the features that you will get to see in this kind of game:

  • Smooth and cutting edge graphics
  • Excellent combat animation
  • Variety of different combos
  • Upgradeable and unlockable attacks
  • Excellent boss fights to end each level

These above mentioned things are basically the selling points of the game and what makes it a must play. Yes, there are several other hack n’ slash games which provide similar features but they are just aren’t refined enough. That is the keyword here: ‘Refinement’. ICEY is not ground-breaking by any means, but everything it provides is refined to a level of excellence seen in few other games.

icey apk

Overall Gameplay

The main premise of downloading icey apk is that you will be getting a game which is not only good looking and easy to grasp, but also fun to play. In order to navigate the levels, you have the standard movement buttons on the left D-Pad which you can use to go left and right. Other than that, you have 4 other options for action as well:

  • Light Attack:

As you can guess, this is the standard button for attacking incoming enemies. It does not do as much damage as heavy attacks, but is faster to execute. There are also tons of combos involving this button along with the heavy attack button, so be sure to learn them.

  • Heavy Attack:

This is the button that will allow you to deal greater amounts of damage to the enemies. It is slower when compared to the light attacks but obviously is far more efficient in killing foes. Just like the light attack button, there are tons of combos that you can pull off from using this kind of attack.

  • Dash:

As the name suggests, this button allows you to dash towards any direction in an exceptionally high speed, allowing you to pull off some sick stuff. If you can time this button right, you will also be able to execute a counter that will deal an even greater amount of damage to your enemies.

  • Jump:

Last but not the least, there is the jump button which does exactly what it sounds like. You can also double tap this button to double jump and perform combos which are even more complicated. If you want to see them for yourself, you should just download the icey apk for yourself on your own device.

Upgrades and Unlocks

In each level, there are 2 or 3 upgrade stations available where you can unlock new skills entirely or upgrade your existing ones. A hack n’ slash is defined by the freedom given to you in combat. And that freedom is most often given through the help of long and ridiculous combos and skills. This is what the upgrade stations are all about.

  • How to Unlock:

When you kill each enemy, you are rewarded some money at the same time as well. You can collect this money and use it in return to upgrade the skills that you possess. Obviously, higher you want to upgrade your skills, greater is the amount of money that is necessary. Also, high damage output skills take more money to get upgraded.

  • List of Skills:

If you want a glimpse of just how many skills there are to unlock in this game, here is a short list that encompasses the best of them:

  • Back Slash
  • Quadra Slash
  • Skull Shaker
  • Pummel
  • Upper Cut
  • Overload

All of the abovementioned combos/skills are done by a combination of the light attack, heavy attack, dash and jump buttons. As such, there are lots of permutations available and all of them serve a certain purpose. If you can think of it, it probably exists. All the more reason to download icey apk on your phone.

icey apk

Presentation and Storyline

The graphics for this game are very eye-catching. And there is a perfect reason why that is so. This game follows a unique style when it comes to design and colouring.

  • Art Style:

The art style follows a muddy design that looks like water coloured paintings at times. This is especially true for the backgrounds for each levels, which have a 2D-3D effect about them. Even at the lowest graphics settings, the game looks stunning to say the least (by gaming standards on mobile devices).

  • Models:

The character models in this game are done in a way that complements the background. It is refreshing to see a game so many risks just in visuals alone. Contrary to the murky backgrounds of each level, the main character is made to look bright and cheerful. In fact, she resembles something straight out of an anime. The enemy models however go along with the rest of the design.

  • Immersion:

Another thing that you will notice when you install icey apk for yourself is how much the game tries to break the 4th wall and succeeds on most occasions. For instance, the menus and upgrade screens are made to resemble a computer terminal, thus giving you the feeling of living inside the body of a robot. This increases immersion and also improves the overall looks of the game.

The Story Overall

As far as the story is concerned, you are playing as a humanoid robot named ‘ICEY’ (hence the name of the game), who has no memories of her past. The only thing she remembers is that her mission is to kill someone by the name of Judas, who is seemingly responsible for all of the death and destruction portrayed in the game.

While the premise may seem really serious and dark, the overall presentation of the game prevents it from being so. There is a narrator who describes each and every step in a seemingly hilarious way. Not only that, he also tries to break the gap of the 4th wall continuously, this providing for continuous entertainment along the way.

Basically, you will be guided by the narrator at each and every step during your playthrough. However, you will enjoy the game best if you do not follow any of the given instructions. In a way, the game challenges your ability to think outside of the box and when you do, you will be rewarded in a unique way that just goes with the flow of the game.

Total Content and Experience

As far as ICEY is concerned as a game, there is a huge amount of content to explore.

  • It will probably take you at least two play-throughs to explore every inch the game has to offer to you. There are multiple choices in many levels and in most cases, you will not be able to see the other if you go with one of the choices.
  • The game is fairly long for the price it comes at. If you like to explore everything there is to explore, you may take well over 10 hours to complete it. If you want to rush through, you can finish it in around 6-8 hours depending on the difficulty.
  • Another thing that warrants a mention is the lack of loot boxes and similar features that can be found in most free-to-play games. The fact that it is not free to play should automatically mean that it will not have such features but these days, things aren’t that simple.

The Verdict

As far as installing icey apk on your phone is concerned, there is no doubt that you should consider buying it. It is definitely worth the money it is priced at. And when you count the total features that it has to offer along with the length of the game, it becomes a must-play for anyone. The fact that it also provides a story so unique makes it worth the deal even more. Objectively, it easily deserves an 8/10 and is a game any hack n’ slash fan should be willing to try out.